Al-Azhar Visit by Bishop Mouneer and Clergy in Eid El-Fetr

Mouneer visit to Eqgypt Mosque in Eid el Fetr

Bishop Mouneer and Clergy in Al-Azhar with Imam Ahmed El-Taieb

On Wednesday, June 13, Bishop Mouneer and some clergy visited Al-Azhar to wish the Grant Imam, Ahmed El-Taieb, a Happy Eid Fetr. Delegation from the Lambeth palace and other members also joined the visit. During the visit, the Grant Imam praised the influence of the Diocese of Egypt in the interfaith dialogue to enhance the relationships between people of different backgrounds in the society. Bishop Mouneer also discussed some details concerning the coming visit of Al-Azhar to Archbishop Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury. The visit was encouraging to all attendees.