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Rachel continues to weep.....

The November meeting of the Friends of St George’s College Jerusalem was especially poignant given current events.

 Canon Dr Clare Amos, Course Director St George’s College 1975-78, Trustee of the Jerusalem and Middle East Trust writes:

The Archbishop of Canterbury with Richard Sewell, Dean of St George's College
(Photo: Rev Richard Kellett)

The meeting was held at Lambeth Palace and the Archbishop of Canterbury himself was present. He spoke about his own visit to Jerusalem in mid-October, sharing his grief for all the ‘sides’ that had been caught up in the horrors of the past few weeks. He shared his concern both for the ordinary people in Gaza who were not being protected by Israel as was required under international law, and for Jewish people, both in Israel and elsewhere, for whom the widespread surge in incidents of antisemitism was deeply frightening. The Archbishop commented that among the pastoral care offered by the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem, the presence of St George’s College was a proclamation of faithfulness, echoing the task of the Diocese to support justice in the Holy Land.

Canon Dr Paula Gooder, who had co-led a pilgrimage earlier this year which focused on ‘Women and the Bible’, also spoke – drawing attention to the way that St George’s College courses encouraged participants to reflect on place, on people and on the conflict in the land. Still today Rachel continues to weep for her children.

Dean Richard Sewell: (Photo Rev Richard Kellett)

Dean Richard Sewell shared his perceptions about the current situation, which, he said, demanded from us both radical empathy, and the desperate need for hope. As St Augustine of Hippo once said, Hope’s two beautiful daughters are righteous indignation and courage.

It was clear from the reactions of those present how much the work St George’s College was cherished and cared for by those who had participated previously in its courses.


Posted 30th November 2023