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Legacy Gifts

The Gift that Lives On

By leaving a legacy to JMECA in your Will you will secure the future of the many institutions that play a vital role in Christian mission and ministry in this vulnerable part of the world.

For more than 100 years JMECA has been supported by the generosity of people like you who wish to ensure that Christian communities thrive in the cradle of our faith.

From Algeria to Iran and Syria to Ethiopia evidence of your help can be seen in the churches, hospitals and schools that have received grants from JMECA.

In 1918 the Rev. Canon Stephen Campbell left a sum of £3,000 in his Will which the society was instructed to invest and use the income from it to establish and support mission schools in Syria and the northern parts of the Jerusalem Bishopric. Initially his legacy was invested in 5% War Bonds, yielding an annual income of £142. This legacy is still paying out more than 100 years later, providing a much needed grant of £1,200/year towards education in the region.

What can you do today?

Leaving a legacy to JMECA is simple but it is advisable to use a qualified solicitor to ensure the wording is correct.

If you haven’t made a will yet:

  1. Draw up a list of your assets and debts
  2. Make a list of family and friends you wish to benefit from your will
  3. Select a charity/charities you wish to include
  4. Meet with your solicitor to draw up your will.

If you already have a will:

You do not need to make a new will to include a charity as a beneficiary, simply ask your solicitor to add a codicil.

Your legacy can be:

  • a percentage of your total estate (residuary legacy)

  • a cash amount (pecuniary legacy)

  • a property or shares.

You can download examples of legacy clause wording (click here) or request a copy by emailing the secretary.

To include JMECA in your Will you need the following information:

Name: The Jerusalem & the Middle East Church Association

Registered Office Address: 1 Hart House, The Hart, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7HJ

Registered Charity Number: 1158476