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St Frumentius Theological College

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A college of the Anglican Church in Ethiopia

The Anglican Church in Ethiopia is growing. It is a great example of what God is doing throughout Africa. In 2000, we had there were just eight churches, now we have over 80. This growth is great news! However, much of this growth has been numerical with little depth in the knowledge of the Word of God, and with few trained clergy.

The greatest needs of the Church in Ethiopia, and indeed in all Africa, is theological education, spiritual formation and leadership.  In 2012, God sent the Rev. Dr. Grant LeMarquand to become the new Area Bishop for the Horn of Africa with a vision to meet the need by starting a school of theology.

Building upon our experience with the Alexandria School of Theology in Egypt, the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa decided to start two new campuses in Africa: St. Cyprian’s College in Tunisia and St. Frumentius’ College in Ethiopia. The main goal of these campuses was to form local leaders for the church through providing theological training and spiritual formation.

St. Frumentius’ College will train existing clergy, and new lay and ordained leaders, who will be able to transform the church and address the spiritual and cultural challenges in society.

I believe that St. Frumentius’ College will transform the Church in the Horn of Africa, as we seek to develop a mature and fully indigenous church.

Bishop Mouneer Anis, Jan 2015

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