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Bishop Mouneer with Bishop Azad and the congregation of St Lukes
Bishop Mouneer, Bishop of Egypt visited St Luke's Church, Isfahan

Bishop of the Diocese of Iran: Vacant

Update on the Bishop in Iran

In January 2016 Bishop Azad Marshall resigned as Bishop in Iran in order to take up a new post as Co-Adjutor Bishop of the Diocese of Raiwind in Pakistan and successor to the present diocesan bishop there. In 2017 the Revd Dr Albert Walters was appointed Vicar-General of Iran. Unfortunately, his visa was not renewed in 2019 and he had to leave the role.

Please pray for the Christians in Iran and show your support for them

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Should you wish to make contact with those in this country who can give you more information, please address a letter to the JMECA office in Farnham, and it will be forwarded.

Churches in the Diocese

St Luke, Isfahan

St Paul, Julfa (a suburb of Isfahan)

St Simon the Zealot, Shiraz

St Paul, Tehran

The front view of the Anglican church in Shiraz
St Simon the Zealot, Anglican Church in Shiraz