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Al Ahli Hospital, Gaza Appeal

The archway into the hospital which bears its name

The Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, owned and sacrificially supported over many years by the Episcopal (Anglican) Diocese of Jerusalem, continues to serve the whole ‘family’ (Ahl) of human beings in Gaza. It provides a vital service in an increasingly desperate situation. The hospital is committed to providing 24/7 health services for all people in need of medical care.

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Al Ahli remains open to continue its humanitarian mission.

Latest update 12/2/2024

Despite the challenges and damage, hospital staff are able to provide urgent medical care around the clock for hundreds of physically injured and traumatized. The bombing is continuing in places near the hospital area and shrapnel and debris scattered everywhere. The number of wounded is also increasing and reaches 300 patients daily.

Ahli Hospital remains the only functioning hospital in the north of Gaza as other hospitals are out of service due to damage caused by airstrikes, and lack of fuel. Ahli hospital continued to implement a 24-hour emergency response plan; to meet the increasing number of wounded and traumatized, staff hired an additional health professionals to assist Ahli team.

Currently the hospital wards are overwhelmed with patients and crowds who are occupying every space possible; with 150 in-patients catered in a 80-bed capacity hospital! Staff are having to treat the injured in makeshift spaces such as the hospital’s church and library.

The staff treats around 300 patients, and performs 18-20 surgical operations daily, mostly in orthopedics and plastic surgery with 4 functioning operation theaters.

Ahli is utilizing medical and surgery consumables, as well as fuel, purchased from local suppliers during the ceasefire in addition to an additional amount purchased after allowing the supplies trucks to get to the north. More Fuel, and food for patients and staff, along with medical supplies including bone stabilizers, antibiotics, and anesthetics are needed as the consumption rate is extremely high. The inadequate hygiene practice as well as the intake of unsafe food and undrinkable water have dramatically increased the number of patients with critical infectious diseases. The overcrowding in shelters has resulted in increasing number of respiratory tract infection cases. This has increased the number of patients at the outpatients.

Families of patients are sheltered in the hospital grounds and Ahli provides sheltered families with food, lodging, and psychosocial support.

Update 26/10/2023 

There have been two significant attacks on the hospital during the current hostilities. The first was on 14 October 2023. This severely damaged two upper floors, with mammography and ultrasound departments affected the most.  The second was centred in the courtyard on the evening of 17 October. This caused a devastating loss of human life among the ordinary citizens who had hoped that the hospital grounds could offer a relatively safe space in Gaza city. However, two days later the hospital managed to re-opened and (at the time of writing 26/10/2023) is still serving the local people.

Archbishop Hosam Naoum, Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem, has shared this plea for the hospital with the wider Christian world,

“Although Ahli’s buildings were heavily damaged, two nights later our devoted staff partially reopened the hospital. In doing this, they demonstrated the determination we have in the Diocese of Jerusalem to persevere in our Christian mission to serve others as though we were serving Christ himself (Matt 25 :31-46). And this is the case not just for Gaza, but throughout all the Holy Land. Yet in order to accomplish this mission in the midst of a devastating war, we need to draw upon the strength of the larger Body of Christ. For we understand that when one member of the Body suffers, all parts suffer (1 Cor 12:26).”

Damage to the al Ahli Hospital courtyard showing St Philip's church in the background
St Philips church following the missile strike in the al Ahli Hospital courtyard

St Philips Church pictured from the front entrance a few days before the blast
St Philips Church front entrance a few days before the blast

On his solidarity visit to the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem, 19-22 October, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Revd Justin Welby, added his voice in support of the vital work of the hospital in the immediate and longer-term context of Gaza. The key role of the hospital was also underlined in a powerful statement of ecumenical support offered by all the main Christian leaders in the country. As Archbishop Welby commented they sat ‘shoulder to shoulder’ in support of Archbishop Hosam and their Anglican brothers and sisters. 

As a key British-based partner of the Diocese in Jerusalem, JMECA has been asked by Archbishop Hosam to take a lead role in offering his thanks to those who have supported Al Ahli and its work and to continue to publicise his appeal for the needs of the hospital:

Thank you for your prayers and expressions of support for the safety of our clergy and people in the Diocese of Jerusalem. Please circulate this appeal as widely as possible, so that our hospital can be in a position to extend emergency medical services to those casualties caught in the crossfire. Thank you once again for your prayers and support, especially in this present, very grave situation.

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On Saturday 7th October JMECA received notification of the emergency appeal from Suhaila Tarazi, director of the al-Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza:

In order to ensure that Ahli is able to respond to the increasing need, AAH is in urgent need of medications and other resources for an emergency response. This is an appeal for your generous donations that would greatly support AAH's response, which will positively affect the lives of vulnerable people in Gaza. This appeal includes the following resources that would guarantee AAH's response:

  • Urgent Medicines: $35,000 / £28,600
  • Medical Consumables: $25,000 / £20,450
  • ICU Equipment: $20,000 / £16,350
  • Fuel (10,000 Litres): $17,000 / £14,000
  • Extra staff: $30,000 / £24,500
  • Psychosocial Support for Patients and their families: $15,000 / £12,250
  • Food for patients and IDPs: $15,000 / £12,250

Please pray with us that this wave of violence will be stopped, as there are no winners in wars. All are losers.

Profile picture of Suhaila holding a bookSuhaila Tarazi

Director, Ahli Hospital

Not in the UK?

People who wish to respond to the appeal can do so through charities in Australia, Canada, the UK and USA:

Donations from other countries can be made by bank transfer directly to the Diocese of Jerusalem. Donors should contact email [email protected] for details.