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Dr Rowan Williams' statement on the death of Bishop Kenneth Cragg

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, issued the following statement following the news of the death of Bishop Kenneth Cragg

“Bishop Kenneth Cragg held a unique position in the world of inter faith dialogue.  His powerfully original mind, both analytic and poetic, was able to weave together themes and images from many and diverse religious backgrounds into a fresh theological perspective that still managed to do full honour to classical orthodoxy.  In particular, he constantly challenged Christian clichés about Islam, and could bring out of Islamic texts extraordinary riches for Christians to contemplate.  Those involved in inter faith work in the UK, and many others outside Britain too, looked to him as a guide and inspiration.  His intellectual keenness remained undimmed to the end of a very long and full life, and he will be missed intensely by countless friends and admirers around the world.  He was a witness above all else to the universal reconciling hope that Christians find in the confession of faith in Christ as First and Last, as the truth on which all truth converges.”