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Funds and Finance

The funds entrusted to the Association or Trust are designated for support of the work of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East, and are administered in consultation with the Central Synod or individual dioceses according to the funds' objectives.

The Jerusalem And The Middle East Church Association Funds



Newton Fund (incorporating Isabella Bailey Fund) - to be used at the discretion of the Bishop of Jerusalem.             

Isabella Bailey Fund - restricted for the benefit of St Luke’s Hospital, Nablus.



St. George's College (Hills) Fund  -  to help students at St. George's College, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Girls’ College and Worsley Fund - for the education of boys and girls anywhere within the provinces, in consultation with the Central Synod.

The Moore-Steele and Revd Stephen Campbell Charity (endowment) - for Jordan and Israel, with allocation in consultation with the Bishop of Jerusalem. 

The Gobat-Stewart Fund - for bursaries at St George’s School, Jerusalem


TRAINING FUNDS                                                      

The Graham Brown and Phillips Fund - for the training of clergy with a preference for St George’s College, Jerusalem and for the training of Christian religious workers and for the furtherance of Christian studies.



Mount Zion Cemetery Fund - to provide payment towards the cost of maintaining graves in Mount Zion Cemetery for which the CWGC is not itself responsible. 

Archchbishop's Assyrian Mission - to be used for work in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, with particular reference to its work in Iraq and, where possible, the Assyrian Christians in that country.

Diocese of Egypt/Algiers Fund - for the future maintenance and staffing and other costs relating to the life of the church in Algiers.


DESIGNATED (by the Directors) FUNDS

St George's College General Fund - to meet general UK expenses of St George’s College, Jerusalem.                                                                                  

FOR THE SUPPORT OF THE CLERGY                        

General Ministry Fund - for the support of the Ministry in the JMECA area.

Bishop Cragg Travel Fund - originally for the travel of Bishop Cragg but now provides travel grants to holders of similar appointments. 

Staff Welfare - for the payment of gratuities to former and current employees.

TRAINING FUNDS                                                      

Phillips And Cane Fund - to fund training of clergy and lay leadership in the Province of the Episcopal church in Jerusalem and the Middle East.



Legacy Reserve Fund - used at the Directors’ discretion for any project but essentially it is treated as an emergency fund and the income is available to supplement grants where necessary.

A B Jones Discretionary Fund - allocated at the discretion of the bishops unless there is a shortfall in the income of the AB Jones Bursary Fund in which case then income from the discretionary fund will be used.


Permanent Endowment Funds (Unrestricted)

The Mission Trust Limited's Charitable Gift - to be used for religious and charitable purposes as Directors think fit after consultation with the Central Synod, not forgetting the earlier purpose of the needs of the Bishop responsible for Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Other Charity Funds Administered By The Jerusalem And East Mission Trust

ST MARY’S WAQF                                          

Charity No 313916 - Unrestricted and undesignated Funds

The fund can be used in any part of the world but primarily in Egypt and the Middle East; for maintaining and operating educational and training establishments (not necessarily theological); the fees or travelling expenses of students of any age, assisting statutory authorities, voluntary and church organisations and institutions engaged in advancing education, furthering health, relieving poverty, distress and sickness, or in any other charitable activity; and undertaking educational, medical and sociological research.



Charity No 253591 - Restricted Funds

The beneficial interest in the assets to be used for the advancement of the religious and other charitable work of the Episcopal Church in Egypt and for the repair and maintenance of church properties scheduled in the Trust Deed and other charitable purposes in connection therewith.



Charity No 313581 - Restricted Funds

To help ordinands or priests of the Church in Wales to study at St George’s College and Lampeter College, or elsewhere.



Charity No 1124343 - Permanent Endowment Funds Restricted

To provide for an episcopal endowment for the Jerusalem Bishopric.  The area of benefit of the charity was subsequently extended to include the rest of the province of Jerusalem and the Middle East.