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Yemen Eye Clinic Equipment Appeal


The Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf has raised sufficient funds to purchase the new opthalmic equipment and fund the training of staff on its use.

Thank you to everyone who supported this appeal.

You can continue to support the Clinic in Aden with regular or one-off donations to ensure medical treatment is available for all in the area.

The latest news from Yemen has highlighted the deteriorating health of the local population. It is in this context that the Ras Morbat Clinic is working to provide accessible healthcare for the poorest in the community. The Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf who run the clinic is looking to raise £15,000 to purchase new vital ophthalmic equipment and provide training for its staff to identify earlier and treat the deterioration of sight.

Yemen is one of the world’s least developed countries and remains the poorest and most rural country in the Middle East and the recent political unrest has made the situation worse for the population with diminishing food, fuel supplies and inadequate health provision. 

Since its beginning in 1996 the Ras Morbat Clinic has provided primary healthcare to the poorest people in the local community.  For a nominal registration fee ($1 per person) a patient can see a doctor as often as required, and is given necessary drugs free of charge by the on-site pharmacy. The Eye Department welcomes patients from all over Yemen, and offers visual acuity, refraction, examination by ophthalmologists and laser or surgical treatment as required. Despite the recent unrest in Yemen the clinic has continued to open its doors to patients.

Yemen lady having her eye scanned at the clinicThe clinic urgently needs new surgical equipment to offer more comprehensive treatment for cataracts and glaucoma at the Ras Morbat Eye Clinic. This equipment will allow the clinic staff to treat patients in much earlier stages of deterioration of their sight, which will also contribute to the ability of the patients to continue caring for and working to support their families.

Many patients cannot afford this kind of treatment in the private clinics. Ras Morbat continues to offer eye care to the poor and displaced people in and around Aden.

Project Costs

Overall the project will cost around £25,000 which includes purchase of the equipment, accessories and training for the surgeons to offer this particular kind of treatment.

The Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf has been able to fund the first £10,000 towards this project and is therefore looking for donations to make up the £15,000 shortfall.

We are very grateful for the support of our many friends

Archdeacon Bill Schwartz, Archdeacon for The Gulf

Cheques made out to JMECA can be sent to The Administrator, JMECA, 1 Hart House, The Hart, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7HJ, with a note specifying your donation is for the Yemen Eye Clinic appeal.

No matter how you donate, let us know if your donation is eligible for Gift Aid.