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Help Repair and Re-open St. Peter's Church in Jaffa

Archbishop Hosam issues Appeal for Repairs of St. Peter’s, Jaffa

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Fr Kevin with a long beard and wearing a black suit and glasses along with his wife smiling by his side with long light brown hairToday, Archbishop Hosam and his staff met Fr. Kevin and Jen Cable at St. Peter’s, Jaffa, to inspect the historic church in preparation for repairs and renovations. While church services there dwindled after the War of 1948, finally ending in the 1980s, Fr. Kevin and Jen have newly arrived in Jaffa to take charge of its reopening. Their ministry will be threefold:

  1. to provide support to the Anglican presence in Jaffa-Tel Aviv, which consists mostly of the diplomatic staff of embassies in countries where the Anglican Communion is strong
  2. to minister to the diverse community consisting of people with different faiths and none
  3. to minister to the seafarers in Jaffa and the nearby port of Ashdod

Yet the church building is badly in need of repairs after vandalism has led to pigeons invading the sanctuary, making it uninhabitable. Fr Kevin and Jen have produced a video about themselves and the church in Jaffa which is available in their CMS Newsletter here. Fr Kevin writes:

We believe God will use our experiences to provide a solid platform on which to build the church in Jaffa. We feel honoured and humbled to have been called to work with CMS in re-opening this church, which will re-energise and encourage the Christian community in Jaffa and beyond.

Phase one of the renovations will focus on repairing and restoring the vandalized windows of the church ($25k), clearing the exterior grounds and deep cleaning the hazardous waste inside ($10k), and renovating the deteriorated walls and ceiling of the office at the rear of the building ($15k). Future renovations will repair the damage to the ceiling, upgrade the electrical system to modern code, and furnish the church sanctuary and nave.

In order to expedite these repairs and renovations, Archbishop Hosam is issuing an appeal to raise the $50k needed for the first phase of the project.


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