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Prayer requests for the Diocese of Gambella

Bishop Jeremiah calls for our prayers as he faces challenges in the Diocese of Gambella

1. Pray that God would provide a car for the Diocese because without a car it's difficult to do mission work as I am visiting our churches far and near.

2. Pray that God can provide funding for new church buildings because we have lost several of our Church buildings to termites and strong winds since last year and the low income congregations of Gambella can't afford to build a good Church by themselves though we have been trying hard to raise funds locally.

3. Pray for the Anglican Unity School to be built in Gambella so that many families in the Region don't have to send their children to better Schools in Addis Ababa or other countries of Africa.

4. Challenges in the Region: Ethnic conflict: please pray that the tribal conflict between the Nuer and Anuak in Gambella won't continue to claim more lives. The recent scenario is worrisome and we pray that the situation be resolved by the help of God.

May the good Lord bless you abundantly,

Bishop Jeremiah Paul Koryom

Bishop Jeremiah standing next to his wife Nyachom
Bp Jeremiah with his wife Nyachom



08 April 2024