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Installation service, Archbishop Hosam behind the alter in St George's Cathedral alongside the bishop's chaplain, Revd Don Binder
Installation Service for Archbishop Hosam Naoum

Bishop of the Diocese: The Most Revd. Hosam Naoum

The Diocese of Jerusalem covers five countries and is home to almost thirty parishes.  The Church in this Diocese has deep roots in the Arabic-speaking population and therefore has to witness among people with great needs, such as displaced persons, refugees and casualties of the strife in the Middle East. The Diocesan Peace and Reconciliation department works at strengthening the interfaith dialogue with its fellow Jews and Muslims whilst the Diocese runs over 30 institutions to support the local population, including schools, training centres, hospitals and clinics.

Alongside this Jerusalem is clearly a special place for Christians on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and the Diocese welcomes them, providing services, accommodation and training courses. If you are leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land please contact the diocesan office for details of how they can support you during your trip.

With so much need in the region inevitably local resources are insufficient. The Jerusalem and the Middle East Church Association manages a variety of historical funds which help to support the Diocese financially. One of the oldest is the Jerusalem Bishopric Fund which was established by Bishop George Blyth as a means of funding the bishop's ministry in the region. Several of the other funds are earmarked to support the schools and hospitals in the region. In addition, historically, the collection taken at the Good Friday service each year was dedicated to the work of the Diocese of Jerusalem, and this is a tradition that JMECA encourages UK and Ireland parishes to continue either to support Jerusalem or the wider Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East.

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External photo of the Cathedral with the cross statue in front of itThe Cathedral Church of St. George the Martyr in Jerusalem is the Cathedral of the Bishopric and home to two congregations: the indigenous Palestinian Anglicans, often called the ‘Living Stones,’ and a community of expatriate English speaking members. It also has a special relation with the whole Anglican Communion through the ministry to pilgrims.

Within it's grounds there is the Pilgrims Guesthouse, the Bishop's residence, the Diocesan office and St George's College. 


St George's College logoSt. George's College is a study and resource centre for the Anglican Communion. It runs short-term pilgrimages, study, interfaith conversation and reconciliation. People from all over the world join the programmes which weave together time at sacred sites within the land, daily worship with the living stones, and reflective conversation shared during the fellowship of community meals.