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Al- Ahli Hospital latest.

Al-Ahli Hospital bannerThe World Health Organisation has reported a surge of injured people at Al-Ahli hospital, due to the deterioration at other hospitals, notably Al-Shifa.

The 80 bed facility currently has 150 patients. Health workers are treating the injured in makeshift spaces such as the hospital church and library. The WHO reported that staff are exhausted and work without rest. Food, fuel and critical medical supplies are urgently needed. Al-Ahli is the only hospital in northern Gaza that has worked throughout the crisis without a break. Doctor Said Abdulrahman Maarouf , a volunteer doctor, was working at al-Ahli hospital when it was surrounded by Israeli forces in December. Reuters have carried reports that Israeli forces in Gaza detained him when they overran the hospital and subjected him to abuse during 45 days of captivity including sleep deprivation and constant shackling and blindfolding before releasing him last week.

He described having his hands cuffed, his legs shackled and his eyes masked for the nearly seven-week duration of his imprisonment.

As a result of  appeals to date, lifesaving medications, disposables and consumables worth $56000 were delivered on January 31st. despite the danger of delivery vehicles travelling without safe passage. The supplies included urgent burn treatments and post operative medications. This delivery followed weeks of attempts to make deliveries. Al Ahli remains the only functioning hospital in northern Gaza.


Posted 07-02-2024