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Bible Lands Summer 2022

This edition of Bible Lands reminds us of the importance of the Church’s mission and ministry in the region. It showcases some of the ways in which both of the provinces are getting on with the business of proclaiming the gospel and sharing Christ’s compassion in their diverse settings as well as looking back at the journey travelled.

The ‘Stronger Together’ theme of the Conference in Jordan can readily be extended to the wide network of friends and supporters that make up our readership. It is fascinating to see how the theme reappears in the account of the visit to Ireland to engage with Church and Community Transformation (CCT) and how that account resonates with the theme of this year’s Diocese of Egypt Synod – ‘A Living Church for a Better Society’ – prefigured in the Sunday School news item we report and now adopted as a vision to guide the diocese’s development over the next ten years. Their Synod also discussed the issue, described in the CCT article, of how to connect the many diocesan ministries with the life of the parishes.

  • Province of the Jerusalem and the Middle East conference
  • 'Thank you’ Archdeacon Bill
  • News from the Province of Alexandria