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Bible Lands Winter 2022

It is fitting that this edition of Bible Lands, the first since the death of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, contains a short tribute to her as well as to a number of others who have contributed to the life of the provinces in different ways. The glimpses of the past offered through those obituaries serves to reinforce the strong sense that comes through these pages of the dioceses – and the Anglican Communion more widely – looking to the future. As the magazine is distributed, the Church will begin a new (liturgical) year and the New (calendar) Year is not far off, so this sense of both looking back in gratitude and planning for the future should resonate. The lens of Advent, with its message of preparation and expectation, is a helpful one through which to read the editor’s selection of articles.

As an Assistant Bishop in the Province of Alexandria I have a particular charge to support its Archbishop in developing the ‘policies and practices’ and local leadership in the three new dioceses as they move towards electing their bishops in 2025. Whilst (for many) the work on constitutional arrangements and procedures may feel distant from the call to proclaim the gospel, it does form a vital component in that Anglican charism of being ‘episcopally led and synodically governed’. Archbishop Hosam’s message highlights its value in the strategic planning now under way in the Diocese of Jerusalem, looking to build on past progress in a range of ministries.

The inclusion of and giving a voice to all those forming part of the Body of Christ can be perceived as counter-cultural in some of the societies. Much of what follows describes our churches’ witness across the parts of Africa and Asia served by the two provinces. I hope you will see within the magazine an invitation for your voice, and prayers, to be part of building their future as well celebrating their past – and for you to draw in new supporters through JMECA and/or the various diocesan associations and ‘friends’ organisations.

May peace and the Church’s ministry flourish across the provinces, as we are drawn to the birth of the Prince of Peace in Bethlehem.

+Anthony Ball


Included in this edition:

  • News from Jerusalem
  • St. Andrew’s, Kyrenia
  • Reports from Lambeth
  • African Synods
  • Queen Elizabeth II