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Gambella Cathedral Appeal

Be a part of bringing unity and Christian leadership to the new Diocese of Gambella by supporting the construction of the Good Shepherd Cathedral.

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This Appeal is now closed but donations to the ongoing support of the Cathedral can be made to JMECA specifying its use.


In June 2020 the Province of Alexandria was inaugurated and the Diocese of Gambella (located in the southwest of Ethiopia, near the border with Sudan) became an independent diocese within the new province. Bishop Kuan Kim Seng, the Bishop of the Horn of Africa has oversight of Gambella and is focused on equipping and training local people to form the local leadership of the diocese.

Map of EthiopiaThe Gambella region is largely cut off from the rest of Ethiopia and there are deep and sometimes violent cultural tensions between the many ethnic groups in the area. As a result the Church has become a primary resource for social and physical services such as clean water, health care, and education. 

Why they need a Cathedral

The Diocese of Gambella currently has 140 small churches but no cathedral in which to bring people together for training and equipping the local leadership needed to promote growth in the region. The site of the Good Shepherd Church will be a major step towards the vision of the Anglican Center in Ethiopia which is to unify people, overcome tribal conflicts and to bring cultures together in a God-centered community. Their mission is to share God’s love and expand the gospel to a community that is in continuous growth; while they also work towards providing people with resources such as water and security.

This cathedral would not simply be a beautiful building but will be at the centre of local Christian education that will welcome all tribes living in this region and will be a focus of unity among all the congregations. The cathedral has been designed by International Design and Development (IDD) and it is hoped, in time that there will be a school that will serve all children from different tribes, again to promote unity and combat tribal conflicts.

Progress to date

Construction has already started and is now in its final stages of the structural work, with the focus now moving inside the cathedral. So far 4,852,700.00 Birr ($119,609.00 US Dollars/GB £86,053) has been spent on the building; marking of land boundaries, water technicians, and construction of the cathedral.

The building so far with walls but no roof


In order to complete and fit out the cathedral a further $241,316.29 US Dollars (GB £173,600) is needed. These funds will be used to lay a floor, fit doors and windows, install a ceiling, finish the internal walls and furnish the building with an altar and sound equipment.

Your contribution will be a message to the people in Gambella that they are a valued member of the family of Christ. May the Lord bless you,

The Most Rev'd. Dr. Mouneer Anis (Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria) and the Right Rev'd. Dr. Kuan Kim Seng (Diocesan Bishop of Horn of Africa)

Drawing of how the finished cathedral will lookDrawing of how it will look inside

How you can make a donation towards the Cathedral in Gambella

Online: The simplest way to make a donations is via the appeal page on CAF Donate

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Alternatively you can send via Paypal but please specify in the comments that your donation is for the "Gambella Cathedral Appeal" and whether you are eligible for Gift Aid.


Bank transfer: Direct to the JMECA account with Coutts bank, sort code 18-00-02, account number 03283534 , please specify in the details that your donation is for the "Gambella Cathedral Appeal" and let us know by email you have sent it and tell us if you are eligible for Gift Aid (download form below)


Cheques/CAF vouchers: Make the cheque or charity voucher payable to JMECA and mark it clearly on the reverse for "Gambella Cathedral Appeal". Post it to our office: 1 Hart House, The Hart, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7HJ. Please let us know if we can claim Gift Aid to boost you gift by 25% (download form below).