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Good Friday Offering

2020 Good Friday/Easter Offering

  • Good Friday - April 10th, 2020

  • Easter Sunday - April 12th 2020

The Middle East is the birthplace of Christianity and there are Christians in every country in the region, although in most of these countries they face the challenge of living as minorities and in some face significant persecution.

Since 1922, Anglican/Episcopal church congregations have supported the ministries of the Middle East Church through the Good Friday Offering, showing their support for the presence and witness of Christians in the Middle East.

The money from the Good Friday collections helps fund the ministries of the dioceses in the region such as hospitals, schools and other social welfare programmes that serve local communities of all faiths. 

Archbishop Josiah Oduwu-Fearon (General Secretary to the Anglican Communion) spoke recently highlighting the importance of the next generation of Christians. Young people aged 10-24 years now make up a third of the population and 90% of them live in countries where they will face a lack of access to education, good healthcare and employment opportunities.

Providing support and opportunities for the young and vulnerable is a key focus of the bishops in the Holy Land. Following his election as Primate for the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East, Archbishop Suheil wrote:

“We celebrate the work of the church in our Province: the establishment of schools and hospitals which serve some of the poorest and most marginalised individuals whose suffering is so great.  We celebrate because these institutions are a living symbol of the love of Christ for all.”

JMECA invites parishes to dedicate their Good Friday or Easter collections to support the work of the Anglican Church in the Middle East and to join together in prayer for our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land this Easter.

Resources available on request

  • JMECA Good Friday A4 Poster

  • Latest Bible Lands magazines

  • JMECA Gift Aid envelopes

  • A letter to your church to ask them to support JMECA this Easter

  • JMECA Presentation

  • Prayer Points Presentation

How to send us your Good Friday Offering


Payable to The Jerusalem and Middle East Church Association 

Post to The Secretary, JMECA, 1 Hart House, The Hart, Farnham, Surrey. GU9 7HJ


Bank tansfer:

Email the secretary for bank details

Please use ref: JMECA GFO 2020