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The Archbishop stands in solidarity with Christians in Haifa

The archbishop stands in front of the altar talking with the Christians who were praying in St Elijah's caveThe other month Archbishop Hosam Naoum visited the Church of St. Elijah on the Mount of Carmel in Haifa to stand in solidarity with the community following repeated attacks on the church by extremist Jews. The visit was to highlight the importance of the freedom to worship and the importance of safeguarding Holy sites in the region.

The Reverend canon Don Binder standing to the side of the altar with head bowed in prayerBishop Naoum was accompanied by the Rev’d Canon Don Binder, and the Rev’d Canon Wadie Far and together they prayed in St. Elijah’s cave for peace amongst all peoples and religions. There they also met with monks from the Monastery, and with a group of believers who were already at prayer in the church.


News from the Diocese of Jerusalem website - August 2023