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Coronavirus, the Church in Cyprus and Congregational Research

The Covid-19 pandemic has obviously had a profound effect on churches throughout the world, not only restricting access to the buildings but also its ministry in areas such as pastoral care, fellowship groups, and serving the community. During this time churches have taken a leap forward in the use of technology and innovation to bring worship to a broader community, often in new creative formats. The clergy and ministry teams have risen to the challenge making opportunities within the pandemic tragedy.

As restrictions start to be lifted the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf are asking the same questions of themselves and their congregations that churches everywhere are asking. How have people coped, what effect has it had on their faith and worship, and what of this new virtual ministry should remain as we step out into the new post-pandemic landscape? In order to think through these issues they have developed a survey, based on one being used across the UK, to record people's experience of the pandemic, the ministry given or received during it, and what is expected will happen to churches in a post-pandemic world. Whilst the survey was initially designed to ask those within the Anglican Church it is relevant and available to other denominations and they are asking that as wide a range of churchgoers (clergy and lay people) take part.


Whilst this version is for use by the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, your diocese/parish/church may be interested in conducting a similar online survey which takes about 20-30 minutes to complete and can be done on mobile devises as well as larger computers. 

More details are in the original post on the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf.