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Religious Freedom is Fundamental to International Peace

Last week, Bishop Hosam Naoum was installed as the Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem at a time of great unrest in the country as contrasted in an article by the Right Rev'd Christopher Chessun who attended the event.

Following his installment Archbishop Hosam has written an article for The Hill in which he reflected on how his first day in his new job was not what he had expected. He explains that one of his biggest concerns on that first day was whether his family would arrive safely at their home in Galilee as they travelled back from the service in Jerusalem, navigating violent groups and a heavily armed police force. He thanks God that they did get back safely.

In responding to those who were surprised that the installation went ahead as planned he said

the church was adamant that it should. This tells us something about the ministry of the churches in the Holy Land. We trace our roots to the incarnation, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Like him, we are called to faithful presence in troubling times.

He went on to say that in dark days such as these it is more important than ever that the Church continues to thrive and play their role in negotiations for the future of the Holy Land, and that religious freedom is not just a right but is a fundamental issue of international peace and security.

He called on the international community to pray for and support the people of the Holy Land following the recent manifestations of hatred. 

People are tired, frustrated, and increasingly hopeless. But I could not have taken this assignment without hope. Hope is our business.

The Right Revd Hosam Naoum, Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem

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