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Silence is Amber!

Amber, a young member of St Mark’s Church Hitchin, has raised almost £600 for the Ahli Hospital Appeal in Gaza through a seven-hour sponsored silence.

Amber, pictured outside DSt mark's Church Hitchin

She writes: My name is Amber, I am eight years old.  I did the sponsored silence for two reasons. First because in Gaza, peoples’ homes are being destroyed. I heard about the hospital at church and decided that I wanted to help. And then second I thought of a silence, because of all the bombing people might not being able to hear or walk so they might not be able to talk either, so I was imagining if I were them and what it would be like to be silenced.

I was silent for 7 hours. During the silence, I communicated by writing on a whiteboard and using actions. Some of my family came over and they kept forgetting I was doing the silence and kept asking me questions! I found it difficult and a bit boring, but I also felt happy that I was doing it because I knew I was helping the hospital.I raised £580 and when I heard I had raised that much money, it was exciting for me.

Amber's mum, Beckie is justly proud of Amber's effort. She said, 

‘We are extremely proud of Amber and the money she has raised for such a good cause. She has shown such maturity for her age in her understanding of the current conflict and the devastating impact it is having on the lives of people in Gaza and Palestine. This sparked her decision to do something to help, and the awareness she has raised of JMECA’s work amongst our friends and family has been very impressive. Members of our church have been so supportive of her fundraising, sending kind messages and generously sponsoring her. Selfishly, we also enjoyed a few hours of quiet! Well done Amber!’

St Mark's Hitchin has been running a Lent appeal for the wider ministries in the Diocese of Jerusalem. The appeal will be open for a couple more weeks.

St Mark's Church

Amber deserves the last word:

I hope the money will help people in the hospital get medicines and healthy things to make them better. Thank you letting me do this!

Visit Amber's JustGiving Page