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St George's College is Open for Pilgrims


St George's College Jerusalem reopening

Video: Richard Sewell introduces Andy and Sybil.


Last month I wrote to you saying we were looking forward to the future with Spirit-filled hope. That hope has finally come to realization. I am pleased to share with you that after a few false starts, Israel has now officially opened for tourism! No one is more excited than the staff here at St. George's College.

The Cathedral Close is slowly coming back to life after a hibernation of sorts. The Guest House is now receiving guests and serving meals and our College staff are returning as we prepare to receive pilgrims in January. Bookings are strong for upcoming 2022 courses. The excitement in the Close is palpable as we prepare for reopening.

Last month we welcomed our new College Chaplain, the Rev. Andy MacBeth and his wife, Sybil, who will serve as our Minister of Hospitality. Andy and Sybil have been to St. George's on multiple occasions. They will work alongside the Rev. Canon Mary June Nestler, our Course Director, who will complete her service with us this spring. Rounding out the team is Lindford Ranck, a recent graduate of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, who we welcome as our Porter Fellow.

In addition to planning for upcoming study-pilgrimages, we are busy working on a virtual pilgrimage for those who aren't able to join us in person. (See more below.)

As always we are grateful for the prayers and support of all our friends around the world and the grace of God which has sustained us through these challenging times. If you are not already booked to come to the College in the coming year or so, I urge you to consider doing so now.

Blessings from Jerusalem and from the Land of the Holy One,

The Very Rev. Canon Richard Sewell,


New Virtual Pilgrimage Announced

Are you considering an in-person pilgrimage and want to know what it might be like? Are you wanting to go on pilgrimage with St. George's College but not quite ready to get on a plane or unable to travel right now? St. George's College has the answer for you.

Join St. George’s College on a virtual pilgrimage. Through five videos - each fifteen minutes long, experience the essence of a Holy Land pilgrimage without having to leave home.

On site films give the flavor of the beauty and significance of the holy sites and the physical context of the land on which the prophets, the Messiah and the disciples walked. The films cover Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem, early years in Nazareth, the teaching ministry around the Sea of Galilee, concluding in the holy city of Jerusalem for Christ’s death, resurrection and ascension. 

This virtual pilgrimage is suited to group and individual use and draws on the deep theological and historical knowledge for which St. George’s College is so well known. It draws on scripture and includes a prayerful reflection to help the power of the sites and the events connected to them speak to hearts today. 

The series is currently in production now that staff have returned to the College. Films will be issued weekly beginning December 1. While being released during Advent, this Virtual Pilgrimage is suitable for use anytime of the year and can be accessed at anytime. This offering would serve as an excellent introduction for groups and individuals preparing for their in-person pilgrimage. We are excited about this new venture for the College and look forward to sharing it with you.

REGISTER NOW: The cost to register to receive the film series is $25 and parishes which use the films for multiple participants are invited to make a larger donation. Register now by sending an e-mail to and then click on this link to send a $25 donation. Of course, larger donations are always appreciated.

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