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Update from Al Ahli Hospital, Gaza

Entrance to the hospital

On May 5, Director of the Al Ahli Hospital, Suhaila Tarazi,shared news from Gaza. 

  • While the number of COVID-19 cases in Gaza remains low, Tarazi said, “The head of the World Health Organization declared that the coronavirus curve has not yet started in Gaza and that it is a matter of time.”
  • 15,000 people wait at the Egypt border crossing in hopes of returning home to Gaza. She said, “They hope to return as soon as the border opens which is a catastrophe itself if it happens.” 
  • The Ministry of Health has closed many outpatient clinics at other hospitals in Gaza to prepare for a COVID-19 outbreak. That has put additional pressure on AAH’s free community clinic to care for poor Gazans in need of routine healthcare.
  • While AAH has been fully engaged in emergency preparedness since February, Tarazi explained, “There remain huge shortages in PPE and laboratory reagents to check the virus in the suspected cases. Health authorities continue to appeal for support to procure additional lab testing kits. In Gaza a total of 4,804 people (in a population of 2.1 million) have been tested.”

She concluded,

"I thank God that our leaders, Dr. Maher, and Samira, all the staff members, and I are healthy. Thank you very much for all your sincere efforts to support Ahli. Without such help, I do not think Ahli will be able to continue this humanitarian mission in Gaza."

Suhaila Tarazi director Ahli Hospital
Suhaila Tarazi,director Ahli Hospital

Report from American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Posted here 18th May 2020