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Update on the Covid-19 Pandemic in Egypt

Dear friends,

As I write this, most of our country is locked down in an attempt to stop the spread of the Covid 19 virus. It is not an easy time for everyone. However, we thank God for the situation in Egypt is better than many countries. We asked our staff to work from home to avoid public transportation.


This situation affected badly laborers who earn their living on daily basis. There are about 5.6 million of those laborers in Egypt. The unemployment rate has also increased. Many people lost their jobs due to this pandemic. It is indeed hard time for many workers.

We in the diocese believe that we have a role to play in a time like this, so we try to help and support those who suffer because of this lock down. We are taking different initiatives and different activities in different areas such as supporting the unemployed, providing healthcare, continuing e learning of our school children and Spiritual support and encouragement for our congregations.

We set aside a special fund for the families who are affected by unemployment. Our community development centers are helping in the distribution of this fund. We also contributed to the Disaster Fund set by the government to support those who are affected by this pandemic.

Food Banks

Young people from our project “together we develop Egypt” decided to help in the Food Bank by arranging food cartoons for the needy families. Those young people continued to work for extra hours after volunteer and prepared more than 3000 cartons of food.  Each family receives a carton every month. It is worth mentioning that we also donated for the Egyptian Food Bank.

Young people helping in the food bank wearing protective masks and overalls

Providing Healthcare

Our Harpur Memorial Hospitals in Menouf and Sadat City continue to open their doors widely for the patients as usual.  We provide masks, gowns and sanitizers for the nurses and doctors to protect them from infection.

E Learning

The Teachers in our school in Menouf (The Episcopal School) follow the E-Learning program and record the classes online for the students and post them by different applications on social media like YouTube, Facebook or WhatsApp to help the students as much as they can.

Spiritual support

The Diocese Media Center played an amazing role in recording services, produced short videos that encourage the church members during this time. We used live streaming for the holy week and Easter celebrations. Even we produced a short video for Easter in sign language for the church of the deaf.


Watch : The Right Reverend Dr Mouneer Anis speaks on the Christian response to COVID19 pandemic (Video in English - 7.45 mins including prayer and song, As the Deer Pants for the Water)


Please continue pray for us and for any more information please contact us.

Bishop Mouneer Anis



Posted 28/04/2020