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JMECA Organisation FAQ

Donations FAQ

Publicity and Resources FAQ

Grants FAQ

JMECA Organisation FAQ

  • What is the Purpose behind JMECA?

The object of the Charitable Company, as defined in the Articles of Association, is to encourage support in prayer, money and personal service for the religious and other charitable work of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East in communion with the See of Canterbury.

  • Who does JMECA Support?

JMECA supports the work of the four dioceses that make up the Episcopal (Anglican) Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. These are:

The Diocese of Jerusalem, which covers Jerusalem, Israel, the Palestinian Territories including Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria

The Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa which covers Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti

The Diocese of Cyprus & the Gulf which covers Cyprus, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen

The Diocese of Iran

For Further information, see Overview of the Province

  • How does JMECA Raise Money?

As JMECA does not receive funding from any government or other external bodies it is reliant on the generosity of supporters.

It has two main sources of income:

Donations and Legacies

Interest on Investments.  Over the many years that JMECA has existed, various sums of money from legacies, benefactors and the sale of land have been invested and provide an annual income for the work of the Province.

For further information, see Funding and Finance

  • How does JMECA Cover its Costs?

JMECA incurs very limited costs as it is managed by The Jerusalem and East Mission Trust Ltd (JEMT), its standing committee, which consists of up to 9 voluntary directors and just two paid part-time administrative staff. All administrative costs (administrative salaries, office costs, publicity etc) are covered by a small (about 1%) management fee deducted from the investment income. That way JMECA can send the full amount of your donation to the dioceses.

  • Is JMECA a Charity or a Company?

JMECA is actually registered as both a charity (UK Charity registration 1158476) and company (UK registration number 9067852). Whilst it has always been a charity it recently also registered as a company to provide financial protection for its trustees.

JMECA is managed by The Jerusalem and East Mission Trust Ltd (Company registration 244633), a not-for-profit company.

Donations FAQ

  • How can I make a Donation to JMECA?

We are happy to receive donations in almost any form you wish but some payment methods will charge a transaction fee. Below is a brief summary of ways that you can donate:

Online via our CAF Donate Page: This is our preferred online platform – any gift aid will be processed by them directly.

Online via PayPal: We are registered with Paypal as it is convenient for many of our supporters but they do take a transaction fee (debit card incurs a significantly lower fee) and you will need to inform us directly if you wish us to claim Gift Aid on your donation.

One-off Bank Transfers and regular Standing Orders: Direct from your bank to ours. A Standing Order form can be downloaded here     

Cheque / Charity voucher: e.g. CAF & Stewardship / Postal Order These should be made out to JMECA and posted to our Farnham office at 1 Hart House, The Hart, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7HJ.

For further information, see our Donation page.

Please note: we are unable to accept debit/credit card payments in our office as they can be used via Paypal.

  • Can JMECA claim Gift Aid back on my Donation?

Yes. Just let us know that you are eligible when you make your first donation and keep us informed of any changes. You can read more about it here and download a form.

  • How will my Donation be Spent?

JMECA will send the full amount of your donation to the Province. It does not deduct any processing fees.

General, non-earmarked, donations are split equally between the four dioceses as requested by the provincial synod, the dioceses then decide how best to allocate the money in their region according to where the greatest need is at the time.

Donations for specific dioceses, countries, institutions, projects are sent to the relevant diocese for allocation as per the request of the donor.

  • Can I make a Donation for a specific Project or Area connected with the Anglican/Episcopal Church?

Yes, you can specify how you would like to allocate your donation. This can be to a particular diocese, country, church, diocesan institution or project. You may like to have a look at the current appeals we are running or look through the education, medical and social welfare projects we support across the dioceses. 

If you wish to donate to a specific project/cause, please make it clear at the time you donate through whichever online donation system you will be using, or by including a covering note with your postal donation or an email to the secretary.


  • I would like to leave JMECA something in my Will - How can I do that?

Leaving a legacy to JMECA is simple but it is advisable to use a qualified solicitor to ensure the wording is correct. You can find out more about how to leave something in your will to JMECA here

Publicity and Resources FAQ

  • How can I stay Informed about the work of JMECA and the Province?

The most current information is available on this website under Latest and these articles are shared via social media (Facebook and Twitter) so our supporters know when there is something new. In addition, on our home page are direct feeds from the news pages of the dioceses and the Anglican Communion News Service for the region. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed direct to your inbox.
For those who prefer, we produce a magazine called Bible Lands twice a year. You can receive this for free by post (register here) or read it online here

  • If I Register for your Magazine, how will you use and look after my Personal Data?

JMECA, through its standing committee, complies with its obligations under the “GDPR” by keeping personal data up to date; by storing and destroying it securely; by not collecting or retaining excessive amounts of data; by protecting personal data from loss, misuse or unauthorised access or disclosure, and by ensuring that appropriate security measures are in place to protect personal data. You can review our GDPR policy here if you have any concerns.

  • Do you Publish Prayer Resources?

At the back of the JMECA Bible Lands magazine is a monthly prayer cycle which many of our supporters find a useful resource. It is also available online here.

  • Does JMECA lead Pilgrimages to the Holy Land?

No, JMECA doesn’t run pilgrimages but we are happy to put you in touch with the diocese you are visiting if you would like to arrange to attend a service or meet with the local clergy.

Grants FAQ

  • Who Can Apply for a JMECA Grant?

The majority of our funds are specific for diocesan ministries in the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. However, a few are open for application if you are planning to study, volunteer or work in the Province.

If you wish to apply for a grant from JMECA please review the application guidelines and the information on our funds and finance page here.