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Bible Lands Summer 2018

The news of the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre is  symbolic of the important practical social outreach, often  pioneering, of the Diocese of Jerusalem through its  thirty-three schools and medical and other centres. It is  through such ministry, which can also be found in the social  enterprises in the Diocese of Egypt to which JMECA  Trustee Dr Matthew Rhodes refers in his article, that effective  engagement and witness takes place, emphasising that  the Christian community has a significant role in wider  society. And it is for his role in interfaith developments  over many years with the Muslim Community and with the  Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt that Bishop Mouneer  received recognition with an award from the Archbishop  of Canterbury.  

We don’t often hear about the Anglican presence in Libya,  so it is particularly good to have a two-page spread on the  ministry of the Church of Christ the King in Tripoli. As a  matter of interest, the Chairman of JMECA, the Revd Huw  Thomas, has been interim chaplain at Holy Trinity, Algiers  since October last year and has been much encouraged by  his time there. We may have more news in a future issue.  

The report and Bishop Michael’s Presidential Address from  the Synod of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf lays  out a vision for the congregations of numerically the largest  diocese in the region with an emphasis on positive interfaith  relations with the Muslim community as a key element.  

Visits to the region are important and can provide varied  perspectives. The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church  in the USA was in Jerusalem for Holy Week. Dr Clare Amos,  a JMECA Trustee, has been a frequent visitor with long  experience of the region, particularly Jerusalem, so her  report on three recent visits is particularly valuable. JMECA  also makes grants for ordinands to study at St George’s  College and welcomes the reports that students such as  Phil Nightingale provide. John Wilkinson who died earlier  this year was a most influential figure in the story of St  George’s College and his contribution is well recognised in a full obituary.  

The Diocese of Iran remains one of the most isolated in the Anglican Communion, but its new Vicar-General has arrived to settle in the country and provide oversight for the three congregations.  


Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre: A two-part article covering the background and work of this well-known Jerusalem institution.

Church of Christ the King, Tripoli 

Cyprus Synod: Report on the annual Synod of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf which took place in Larnaca from 5th – 9th February

Obituary: John Wilkinson